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Fall 2019 Coaching Clinics - AYSO now requires age appropriate certification for all coaches and assistant coaches.

For new coaches and assistant coaches looking to learn coaching techniques or returning coaches and assistant coaches looking to get certified at the correct age level, Palos Verdes AYSO (Region 10), in coordination with surrounding AYSO regions, will be offering age appropriate classes at Highridge Park. Details of these class offerings are below:

6U, 8U, 10U
Required training classes for the 6U to 10U age groups are held online at AYSO's online training resource at under the "E-Commerce" tab. You will need to use the login you created when registering yourself as a volunteer on

In addition, PV AYSO will be holding Field Sessions for the 6U to 10U age groups on Saturday, August 24 and a Make Up session on Saturday, September 7. These field sessions are MANDATORY FOR NEW COACHES.

6U & 8U (Field Session Only)
8:30AM to 10:30AM at Highridge Park

3:00PM to 5:00PM at Highridge Park * MAKE UP SESSION - September 7, 2019 *

10U (Field Session Only)
8:30AM to 11:00AM at Highridge Park
3:00PM to 5:00PM at Highridge Park * MAKE UP SESSION - September 7, 2019 *

To become certified at the 12U and above levels, coaches must complete a course in person (online courses will not be acceptable to become certified at the 12U and above levels). These courses require pre-registration at You can search for the appropriate course by date or location within the website.

PV AYSO will offer the 12U course on Saturday August 24:

12U (Full Course)
8:30AM to 2:00PM at Highridge Park

PV AYSO (Region 10) and AYSO Area 1F will host an Intermediate Coaches session on August 23 and 25. This course requires pre-registration at Specific times and addresses can be found during registration:

Intermediate Coach Course
Friday, August 23 at Hesse Park (Classroom Portion)
Saturday August 25 at Highridge Park (Fieldwork & Assessment)

See the website for Advanced Coach course offerings.

More Options/Dates for ALL courses at the website!

This is your best resource for finding appropriate age-level classes that best meet your schedule.

Online courses appear under the E-Commerce tab.



Playoff Participation Policy. - Coaches should be aware that teams will only be invited to play in the end-of-season playoffs if their team has refereed enough games.



Mismatched Game Guide. - This informative guide put together by Jodi Council, our Director of Coaching, is must reading for all AYSO coaches. It provides tips on how coaches can handle games that are one-sided/lopsided in ways that are both encouraging and instructive for the players.



Volunteer Information

Concussion Awareness - coaches, parents, players, and referees are encouraged to take this online training to recognize the signs and respond to possible head injuries

Parents' Guide to Referees' Decisionsan excellent guide from AYSO Area 2C that describes in layperson's terms why referees make (or don't make) certain calls on the field.

Area 01 Coaching Guidelines

UK Int’l Curriculum

AYSO Rules, Policies and Guidelines
(on the AYSO national site)