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Fall 2016 Coaching Clinics - AYSO now requires age appropriate certification for all coaches and assistant coaches. For new coaches and assistant coaches looking to learn coaching techniques or returning coaches and assistant coaches looking to get age-certified, Palos Verdes Region 10 will be offering an appropriate class that you can take at Highridge Park. Please read through the coaching letter for dates and times and for information on what to bring to the session.

PV AYSO (Region 10) and Area 1F will NOT be holding Advanced (U16/U19) coach certification classes prior to the Fall 2016 season. Area 1D will be offering Advanced Coaches classes during the weekend of 7/29/16 - 8/1/2016 for a fee of $45. Information on these courses can be found here. If these course dates or times are not convenient, alternatives can be found by searching for courses on eAYSO. Any charges incurred by PV AYSO coaches for coaching certification will be reimbursed by PV AYSO once the coach completes the class and is certified.

Regardless of the course for which you are enrolling, please make certain that you have met the pre-requisites prior to signing up for the class.

Concussion Awareness - coaches, parents, players, and referees are encouraged to take this online training to recognize the signs and respond to possible head injuries

Parents' Guide to Referees' Decisionsan excellent guide from AYSO Area 2C that describes in layperson's terms why referees make (or don't make) certain calls on the field.

2016 Letter to All Coaches

AYSO Coaching Course Pre-Registration

Area 01 Coaching Guidelines

UK Int’l Curriculum

AYSO Rules, Policies and Guidelines
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