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Referee Guidelines

Referee Guidelines:

Division Referee Guidelines (please review every year for changes)

Age Division Summary Sheet

 6U  10U
 7U  11U
 8U  12U
 9U  14U

Every week during the season we send an email full of tips, suggestions, and answers to your referee questions. This email has the subject of "AYSO - Referee news from Region 10." If you are not getting this, please click here to sign up and be added to the distribution list.



Warning for spectators (Bring to the field, and hand out to coaches if needed to stop a bad situation from getting worse!)


Referee Resources

Playoff Rules to Determine the Winner of a Tied Match June 1, 2020
Kicks From the Mark (KFTM) Worksheet
PKs and KFTM Offenses and Restarts Pocket Summary
2-Page Law Summary for Referees
Restarts Summary (relevant info on all 8 restarts)
Fair or Foul Charging Review
Positions and Signals for Assistant Referees  (Updated in 2019)
Good Pre-Game Instructions for Youth Games and More Competitive Games
Keeping Games on Time (and other things you should know about tournaments)

US Soccer's Guide to Procedures for Referees and ARs - Must Reading for All Referees in 11U and Above
Good Referee Resources on US Soccer's Website
Good Referee Resources and Training Videos on AYSO Section 1


Law 11 – Offside OverviewA short graphic that explains Offside

Ken Aston Referee Camp - Annual Summer Weekend Camp to Learn to Become a Better Referee
Sportsmanship Guidelines
Volunteer Information


Concussion Awareness - Referees, coaches, parents, and players are encouraged to take this online training to recognize the signs and respond to possible head injuries 

AYSO Rules, Policies and Guidelines
(from the AYSO National site for Volunteers)

FIFA Laws of the Game

-2021 Annual Update
-2020 Annual Update
-2020 Update - AYSO Edition
-2019 Annual Update - 11 pages
2019 Update Relevant to AYSO - only 2 pages
-2019 Annual Update with video examples of pro games
2018 Annual Update
2017 Annual Update

-2016 Annual Update
2015 Annual Update
2014 Annual Update
2013 Annual Update
2012 Annual Update
2012 US Soccer Law 5 - Advantage Update
2011 Annual Update
2010 Annual Update
2009 Annual Update

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