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Referee Guidelines

Referee Guidelines:

Overtime Rules Kicks from the Mark - Updated November 2008
Kicks From the Mark (KFTM) Worksheet
Mini Referee Guide 
Fair or Foul Charging Review
Positions and Signals for Assistant Referees  (Updated in 2014)
Keeping Games on Time (and other things you should know about tournaments)

US Soccer's Advice to Referees - Essential Reading for All Referees in U11 and Above  (Updated in 2014) - Large File
US Soccer's Guide to Procedures for Referees and ARs - Must Reading for All Referees in U11 and Above

Good Referee Resources on US Soccer's Website

Good Referee Resources and Training Videos on AYSO Section 1

Division Referee Guidelines

 Girls U6  Boys U6
 Girls U7
 Boys U7
 Girls U8  Boys U8
 Girls U9  Boys U9
 Girls U10  Boys U10
 Girls U11  Boys U11
 Girls U12  Boys U12
 Girls U14
 Boys U14


U8 & Basic (Regional Badge) Referee Course slides:

  • U8 & Basic Ref Training (1st Night) (1.6MB pdf)
  • Basic Ref Training (2nd Night) (2.2MB pdf)

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