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Looking for a way to make your child’s soccer experience even better?  Looking for a way to keep yourself (or your spouse) in shape?  Looking for community service hours?  Consider volunteering a few hours to be an AYSO referee.  It’s easy, fun and free!  We will offer Referee instruction in early Winter and then again before the Fall Season. 


Have any questions on what it takes to be a volunteer referee in AYSO? Scroll down for FAQs.


All referees with a Regional Badge or Higher (for 9U and older), please review the 2020 & 2021 Annual Update on the Referee Guidelines page.

If you missed the 2021 Returning Referees Meeting, please review the slide deck here .


Steps to become an AYSO Referee:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Profile in Sports Connect (formerly BlueSombrero) which must be done each year.
  2. Complete a one-time requirement of AYSO’s Safe Haven course, the CDC HEADS UP Concussion Training course, and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest online course that are in AYSOU
  3. Complete age-specific AYSO Referee Training:
    1. For reffing in 8U, the entire 8U Official class is online, no class attendance is required
    2. For reffing in 9U/10U and older, complete the Regional Referee Course online and then pre-register and come to one of the Regional Referee Online Companion Courses at PV Peninsula High
  4. All details on referee training including dates and how to register are here.



CGISports Referee Scheduling

Region 10 uses a referee scheduling system for all divisions.  Referees are encouraged to self schedule their referee assignments and view their schedules using the CGISports Referee Scheduling website. For 8U, the home team provides the referee, so please schedule yourself in the system for these matches.  On Friday at noon, see if any other games still need a referee and volunteer to ref any open game in these divisions.  Any questions?  Ask your Division Referee Coordinator.

The following links will take you to our CGISports websites:

Referee Scheduling System:
Game Schedules and Standings

For information on how to use CGISports, please refer to the following user guides:

Quick Start Guide
User Guide



Referee Guidelines and Other Resources  – See these for what is expected in each age division and how to be a better referee.



All referees should be aware of Region 10’s Playoff Participation Policy.

Youth Referees in 9U/10U and above should be aware of Region 10’s Youth Referee Commitment Form.



Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Referee


Q: I’ve never played soccer before; can I (or my spouse) really become a referee?

YES, every year in Region 10 we train over 70 moms and dads like you to help their kids learn the sport of soccer and keep it a Fun, Fair and Safe experience.  Try it.  We’ll help you every step of the way and it may become a real passion for you and it is great exercise!  We are also developing a referee mentoring program to guide you through the first few games.

Q: Will I be able to ref my child’s games?

YES, in 8U you can ref your own child’s games.  In 9U and 10U you can be the assistant ref for your own child’s game, and you can self-schedule other games that are convenient for you. 

Q: How much time will this take?

After you attend the training course, the time commitments are usually about 1 – 1½ hours, 2 – 3 times per month during the season.  We are very flexible to accommodate travel schedules and other children’s game commitments.  This is usually much less time than a coaching position and still allows you to volunteer to help your child’s soccer experience.  We ask for 2 or 3 referees for each team so you do not need to ref every week.

Q: Can I start out as an Assistant Referee?

In 8U there is only 1 Referee per game.  At this level all that is required are the skills (and the patience) of a parent at a play group: directing traffic, encouraging the kids to play nicely, making sure everyone shares the toys, and stopping things if there is a boo-boo. It is very easy and straightforward.  At 9U/10U we have a Referee who is assisted by 2 Assistant Referees.  You can schedule yourself to be an Assistant Referee for your first few games to learn the requirements and gain confidence.  Our training covers both positions.

Q: Can I ref my younger sibling’s game?  How old must I be to referee?

YES, becoming an AYSO referee is a great way for soccer players to learn critical leadership, decision making and communication skills.  You can referee a younger sibling’s game as long as you meet the requirements (minimum age of 10 for 8U games and minimum age of 12 for 9U/10U games).  Community service hour worksheets are gladly signed by the referee coordinators.

Q: English is not my first language; will I be able to understand the training class?

YES, our instructors are trained to teach the material in a way that is easy to understand.  The online training is self-paced.

Q: Do I need to pre-register for the training course?  Must I provide my Social Security Number?

YES, these are required.  Please see the instructions above.  SSNs are required by AYSO.  These are used only by the AYSO National Office and are never printed on your form.  Sorry, if you do not have a SSN, you cannot be an adult volunteer for AYSO.

Q: I took the 8U class years ago and have reffed in 8U, what should I do?

To ref in 9U/10U you must have the Regional Referee badge.  Take the Regional Referee course as described above. There is much new material not covered previously that you need to know, such as Penalty Kicks and Offside.

Q: Whoaa, Wait a minute: Can’t I just use AYSO as a Babysitting service?  Do I really need to Volunteer my time?

NO & YES, AYSO is an all-volunteer organization.  You obviously care about your child. This is a youth development program run by volunteers. Who would be better than a concerned parent like you?  And nothing beats the smiles and “Thanks Ref” after a job well done!




PV AYSO Referee Hall of Fame

When you see any of the referees listed below on the field, please offer your congratulations to them for achieving higher levels of certification.  If you would like more information on how to upgrade your badge, please contact any of the referee staff.




Intermediate Referees










Ron Light
Arturo "Pancho"


Jack Alden
Rudy Esfahani
Brian Foster
Michael Heinze
Viet Hoang
Collin Shiang

Stewart Darrell
Taidgh Simpson

Robert Cho
Michele Dee
Earl Kwak
Edgar Mendez
Navpreet Singh

Vito Bologna
Bob Caseres
Lee Crockett
Mike Donatoni
Dean Decker
Larry Flusser
Erwin Haasnoot
Emad Khaleeli
Chris Molony
Greg Moore
Fred Nayebi
Ed Novitsky
Michael Regan
Andrew Triolo
Spencer Yee

Paul Christen
Tom Coleman
Steven Fechner
Chris Gabelich
Alan Lem
Peter Mastan
Jim Porter
Henry Wang
Jing Zhang

Jesse Camp
Brent Daniel
David DeWitt
Romas Jarasunas
John Libby
Mike McLoughlin
Bob Murdock
Mark Pope
Matt Pope
Rosalie del Rosario
Fred Smalling
Robert Wakefield-Carl
Michael Warner
Binoy Yohannan
Jim Zamel

John Cruikshank
Anthony Deley
Donald Evans
Michael Kim
Janet Louie
David Potter
John Trujillo
Peter Vaccaro
Nelson Valderrama
Evan Yu
Nick Zilmer

James Bennett
Farnad Ferdows
Philip Garrant
Steve Hack
Robert Jenness
Erol Kosar
Marcus Linden
Mark Mitchell
Michael Morris
Sean O'Connor
Dennis Sebenick
Will Sheh
Keith Swensson
Chris Wong
Gilbert Yu

Active Advanced Referees
National Referees
David Behenna
Gregg Ferguson
Stefan Boedeker
 Larry Hoffman (Emeritus)
 John Cruikshank
 John Moody
Kevin Dawson  Julie Nourayi 
James Ding 
Alan Siegel 
Steve Hack
 Joe Tabrisky (Emeritus)
 Erwin Haasnoot
Michael Wolff 
Selina Lai
Frank Zerunyan (Emeritus)
Gary LaMonte 
Eric Lee
Jean-Michel Maarek
Jamie MacDougall 

 Hal Mansfield

Peter Mastan 

 Stex Perestam
Matt Pope 

 Stephen Smith
Larry Vanden Bos 

Nick Wolff 
Chris Wong 

Mark Worthge
Spencer Yee

Gilbert Yu

Jim Zamel

Mark Zoeckler 

Referee Assessors

Referee Instructors

Eric Lee
Julie Nourayi
Alan Siegel
Joe Tabrisky (National)
Michael Wolff (National)
Mark Worthge
Gilbert Yu

Larry Hoffman
Julie Nourayi
Alan Siegel (Advanced)
Joe Tabrisky
Michael Wolff
Chris Wong