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PV AYSO Region 10 Contacts


PV AYSO Board Contacts

AYSO Region 10
P.O. Box 2302
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274





Parents/Players: The Division Coordinator is your 1st point of contact for most issues

To Contact Board Members, Please:
1. CLICK on the appropriate person's email address
2. If a reply is not received within 48 hours, follow up with another email.


Board Position

Primary Email

Bob Caseres

Regional Commissioner


Larry Manth

Assistant Regional Commissioner



Richard Govenar


Wade Welch Board Member


Jodi Council

Coach Administrator

Jodi Council

Director of Coaching


Chris Wong

Regional Referee Administrator

Alan Siegel

Director of Referee Instruction

Joe Tabrisky

Director of Referee Assessment


Director of Referee Mentoring


Gregg Ferguson

Upper Division Referee Coordinator

Julie Nourayi

Game Scheduling System Coordinator

Shannon Mastan

Referee Uniform Coordinator

 Julie Nourayi  Women's Referee Advisor 

Alan Lem


Steve Wollman


Edgar Mendez



Julie Manth



Venus Nayebi

Child & Volunteer

Protective Advocate








Safety Director


Deanna Benedetti

Promotions & Branding


Jeanette Jacobson

Boys Coordinator

David Potter

Girls Coordinator


Larry Pizer

Boys/Girls 16U/19U- Div. Coord.

Mark Worthge

Boys 14U - Div. Coord.

Michael Moore

Girls 14U - Div. Coord.
Damian Capozzola

Boys 12U - Div. Coord.
Dawn Donatoni Girls 12U - Div. Coord.

Noucha Jasanis

Boys 11U - Div. Coord.

Dean Olson

Girls 11U - Div. Coord.

Roger Lin

Boys 10U- Div. Coord.

David Roberson

Girls 10U - Div. Coord.
Simeon Potter

Boys 9U - Div. Coord.

Wendy Murdock

Girls 9U - Div. Coord.

Bradley Gardner

Boys 8U - Div. Coord.

Craig Handjian

Girls 8U - Div. Coord. 

Kalani Mark

Boys 7U - Div. Coord.
Jennifer Ignacio

Girls 7U - Div. Coord.

Pamela Bernier

Boys 6U - Div. Coord.


Girls 6U - Div. Coord.

Lauren Donatoni/Mimi Caseres/Natalia Pope

Boys/Girls 5U - Div. Coord.

Stacey Nozaki

Extra Program Coordinator

Matt Daley

Extra Program Coordinator


Larry Manth

Extra Training Coordinator

Matt Pope

Extra Referee Coordinator

Alan Kossoff

Extra Field Coordinator


Kevin Huss

 IT Director


Ava Dahle

Winter Coordinator - Girls

Mike Heinze

Winter Coordinator - Boys

Larry Manth

Post Season Coordinator


Larry Manth

Camps / Academies


Wendy Murdoch

Galaxy Coordinator 

Alan Kossoff

Field Coordinator

Stacey Nozaki

Post Season Field Coordinator


Michele Dees

Opening Day

Jeanette Jacobson

Photo Day


Kyle Murdoch

Youth Volunteer Coordinator

Karinn Murdock

Youth Volunteer Coordinator


Jeanette Jacobson

Board Minutes

Brent Daniel Social Media

Edgar Mendez

Printed Media

Dean Kanemitsu



Marlene Beranek

Rickel Scholarship


Brian O'Neil


Helen Potter

Used Uniforms


Jeff Nolan



Jeanette Jacobson

Tournament Committee

Wendy Murdoch

Tournament Committee

Larry Manth

Tournament Committee

Bob Caseres

Tournament Committee

Dawn Donatoni

Tournament Committee

Chris Wong

Tournament Committee

Damian Cappozola
Tournament Committee

Michele Dees

Region Banquet

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