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PV AYSO Playing Fields

Each division is assigned a field. Since Region 10 players come from all over the peninsula, it would be impossible to assign a field in a convenient location for everyone.

Please clink on the field links below for directions to playing fields.

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  1. Ernie Howlett Park - 25851 Hawthorne, RHE
  2. Hesse Park - 29301 Hawthorne, RPV
  3. Highridge Park - 29035 Highridge Rd., RHE  
  4. Ladera Linda - 32201 Forestall Dr, RPV
  5. Lunada Bay Elementary - 520 Paseo Lunada, PVE
  6. Malaga Cove Intermediate School Site - 300 Paseo del Mar, PVE
  7. Mira Catalina Elementary - 30511 Lucania Drive, RPV
  8. Montemalaga Elementary School - 1121 Via Nogales, PVE
  9. Pedregal/Cornerstone Elementary School - 6069 Groveoak Place, RPV
  10. Point Vicente Elementary School - 30540 Rue de la Pierre, RPV
  11. Rancho del Mar School - 38 Crest Road, RHE
  12. Rancho Vista Elementary School - 4323 Palos Verdes Drive North RHE
  13. Ridgecrest Intermediate School Site - 28916 Northbay Rd., RPV
  14. Silver Spur Elementary School - 5500 Ironwood St., RPV
  15. Soleado Elementary School - 27800 Longhill Dr., RPV
  16. Valmonte/PVPUSD Headquarters - 3801 Via la Selva, PVE
  17. Vista Grande Elementary School - 7032 Purpleridge Dr., RPV


AYSO assigns practice times to teams according to the field that they play games on every Saturday. In some cases, there may be fewer practice times available than there are teams in that division. In those cases, we have assigned a secondary field to a particular division to accommodate their needs.

Many coaches would prefer to practice at locations other than that location assigned to their team. Teams are permitted to practice at other locations with the following caveats:

1. AYSO teams are NOT PERMITTED to practice at PVPUSD fields that AYSO does not have permits to use, specifically, but not withstanding:

Dapplegray Elementary 
Miraleste Intermediate 
Palos Verdes Intermediate
Palos Verdes High School
Peninsula High School

Before practicing on an unassigned PVPUSD field, please contact your division coordinator to determine if (1) PV AYSO holds a permit for that field and (2) that field is available for your desired time.

While it is true that district sites are public and that the public has a right to enjoy their use, our organization does not have a permit to use those facilities and our teams are not permitted to practice there. The reverse is also true - club teams are not permitted to practice or use the school sites where we have permits.

2. For those fields that we are permitted to use, the division that is assigned to the field has first priority of use. For example, BU8 is assigned to Vista Grande. If a team from another division wants to practice at Vista Grande that coach should first check with the BU8 division coordinator to see if there is any space available. If there is no space, they cannot not practice there. BU8 teams are NOT required to give up space on the field to accommodate the team that is not assigned to practice at Vista Grande.

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