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Sportsmanship Awards Winners


One of the basic principles of AYSO is Good Sportsmanship. In PV AYSO, the highest honor any team, coach, and player can receive is the Sportsmanship Award. Only one team per division (or subdivision)  is recognized for this prestigious award each year.

Congratulations to the 2016 winners of the Sportsmanship Award:

Division Team Coach
 GU8  Pink Panthers James Catanzarite
GU8 The White Swans
Joannie Jorczak
GU9 Blue Berry Gobstoppers Ava Dahle & Liese Cooper
GU10 Foxy Moxies Scott Owen
GU11 Orange Crush
Dan Cunningham
GU12 White Spirit Dave Callaghan
GU14 Headbangers
Bob Caseres & Wendy Murdoch
BU8 King Cobras Stacey Nozaki
BU8 Laser Dragons
Tim Burwell
BU9 PV Heat
George Makinto
BU9 Lasers Ryan Schroeter
BU10 Napoli Donny Harris
BU10 Leicester City
Evan Yu
BU11 Peru
Brandon Finney & Flo Ionescu
BU12 Orange Crush
Carolyn Brummer Clark
BU14 Zepplins
Jeff Nolan

 EXTRA  PV Strikers Greg Moore

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