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AYSO Region 10 Referee List

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Wade Welch Regional Referee Administrator  
    Alan Siegel
Director of Referee Instruction
    Joe Tabrisky Director of Assessments  
Chris Wong Boys Chief Referee    
    TBD Girls Chief Referee
    Gilbert Yu EXTRA Referee Coordinator  
Steve Smith   Upper Division U16 & U19    
David M Poitras
Girls U14    
Kevin Dawson
Boys U14    
Kerry Rizzo Girls U12    
Dave Walbeck Boys U12    
Brian O'Neil
Girls U11    
Romas Jarasunas Boys U11    
Mike Donatoni
Girls U10    
Dennis Sebenick Boys U10    
TBD Girls U9    
Kevin Dawson Boys U9    
Laura Guglielmo Girls U8    
Jeff Lewis Boys U8  
    Deborah Cessarini Girls U7
    TBD Boys U7  
    TBD Girls U6
    TBD Boys U6

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