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Spring Select


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23rd Annual
Palos Verdes AYSO Spring Select League
February 8, 2014  – May 4, 2014
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1/3/14 - Please note the new email address for our GU10 division coordinator. Please use this email address for any correspondences with Brian Coffey.
1/6/14 - Please note the corrected email address for our GU8 division coordinator.
1/27/14 - Fields for U8 Division have been changed to Ladera Linda Park.
1/29/14 - Rules for U8 Soccer Fest have been updated.

Quick Links:
Application Form
Referee Form

Rules for U10, U12, and U14
Rules for U8 Soccer Fest (1/29/14 Update)
Spring League Schedules & Standings
Referee Schedules (See the Referee Page for the Quick User Guide.)

Description: The Spring Select League is for AYSO post-season teams seeking balanced and fun competition in a weekly tournament format.

Eligibility: Open to EXTRA, Select, All Star, and Tournament teams

: The Spring League is played at three convenient venues in Palos Verdes:

· U8Ladera Linda Park

· U10Ridgecrest Intermediate School
· U12/U14Highridge Park or Ladera Linda Park

The Details:
· Open to Boys and Girls U8, U10, U12, and U14· Girls play Saturdays; Boys play Sundays
· First game for U10, U12, and U14 is February 8-9; final games on May 3-4.· First game for U8 is March 1-2; final games on May 3-4.
· No games played on Feb 15/16 (President's Weekend); April 19-20 (Easter Weekend);  April 26-27 (Area 1F - Founder's Cup Tournament)
· U8 plays 6 v 6; U10 plays 7 v 7; U12 plays 9 v 9; U14 plays 11 v 11
· U8 max roster 10 players; U10 max 12 players; U12 max 14 players; U14 max 18
· Eight game minimum for all teams
· Teams may be divided into Gold and Silver Pools after round of assessment game(s)
· Top three finishers in each pool for U10, U12, and U14 will receive medals
· All players and coaches receive a T-shirt; all U8 players receive medals
· Entry fee - $250 for U8; $425 for U10; $450 for U12; and $475 for U14
· Referee Deposit - $150 for U8; $200 for U10, U12, and U14
· Deadline for Registration –  U10, U12, and U14: January 20, 2014
· Deadline for Registration –  U8: February 10, 2014
We Want to Register – Next Steps:
1. Download and complete the Application (click here).2. Download and complete the Referee form (click here).
3. Obtain an eAYSO roster for your team signed by your regional commissioner.
4. Obtain check payable to “AYSO Region 10” from your region’s checking account.
5. Submit the (1) Application, (2) Referee form,  (3) eAYSO roster, and (4) check to:

William Zhang, P.O. Box 3054, PVP, CA


U10 BOYS: Jeff Nolan, 26631 Indian Peak Rd., RPV


U12 BOYS: Carola Hynes, 2103 W. Gaucho Dr., RPV, CA


U14 BOYS: Jeff Frankwick,  32345 Sea Raven Dr., RPV, CA


Tarrah Vierra-Lambert, 2720 Palos Verdes Dr. No., Rolling Hills, CA 90274 - CORRECTED EMAIL ADDRESS

U10 GIRLS: Brian Coffey, 28925 Moro Bay Dr., RPV, CA 90275 - NEW EMAIL ADDRESS


U12 GIRLS: David Potter, 2221 Baleria Dr., San Pedro, CA


U14 GIRLSRick Fruhling, 3320 Via Palomino, PVE, CA 90274

After we receive your completed application, referee form, eAYSO roster, and check, we will confirm receipt by email. 

See you on the field!


Palos Verdes Spring Select Division Coordinators

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