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Palos Verdes AYSO

2013 Fall Registration Information

Dear Players/Parents,

We are the Palos Verdes region (Region 10) of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO).  We provide year-round recreational and competitive youth soccer programs that are enjoyed by four-year olds (U5 division) all the way up to 19 year olds (U19).  We welcome players from the Palos Verdes Peninsula and surrounding communities.  We are a 100% volunteer organization. 

Can I Still Register For 2013 Palos Verdes AYSO Fall Soccer?
The 2013 Fall Season kicked off on Saturday September 7. Although the season has started, your child's division may still have openings. To determine if your child can be placed in an open spot, please send an email to and/or and indicate your child's name, date of birth, and if s/he has played in Region 10 (Palos Verdes) before. With this information, we will determine if your child can be placed on a team. If you are informed that your child can be placed on a team, you can register on as indicated below.

How Much Is Registration?
The price for registration for all players who register online and pay by credit card through July 31, 2013 is $185 per child. There are no sibling discounts.

How Do I Prepare a Player Registration Form?
The eAYSO website provides simplified log in procedures and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the registration process for players and volunteers.  If you registered your child last year at, your family information will already be entered on the player form.
The information you enter at becomes your child's registration form, which is also his or her medical release.  Please make sure you enter accurately/update all contact information for both parents, all emergency contacts, the name of your child's school, and all e-mail addresses.

IMPORTANT!!: The online registration process will lead you through multiple pages. When you reach the page that displays the completed Player Registration Form and has a box at the top that provides instructions on electronic signatures, it is important that you scroll down, check the box marked "I agree to use an electronic signature", type in your name in the signature box, and click "Continue". Then you must click "Submit" on the bottom of the next page to submit the Player Application Form. After you have completed the steps to register all of your children, check the boxes of all of the children you have registered and click on Online Payments to pay the registration fee and complete the registration process.

How Do I Pay Online By Credit Card?

You pay by credit card at after you complete the registration and electronic signature for your children at

What If My Child Is New To The Region Or Has Never Played Soccer Before?

If your child is a U5 player or a new player in our region, in addition to completing the online registration at and paying by credit card online, you must also mail a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport to: Palos Verdes AYSO, PO Box 2302, PVP, CA 90274.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We offer refunds through June 15, 2013. The refund deadline has passed.

What If I Need Help Registering Or If I Have Questions?

For any assistance related to eAYSO (account email address, password, or general assistance navigating the screens), you can contact the eAYSO help desk at (866) 588-2976 or email the help desk at Additionally, you can email the Region 10 Registrar at

What Age Group Will My Child Play In?

The following table describes how we'll organize the age divisions for the AYSO Fall 2013 season.



Under 5

8-1-08 thru 9-14-09

Under 6

8-1-07 thru 7-31-08

Under 7

8-1-06 thru 7-31-07

Under 8

8-1-05 thru 7-31-06

Under 9

8-1-04 thru 7-31-05

Under 10

8-1-03 thru 7-31-04

Under 11

8-1-02 thru 7-31-03

Under 12

8-1-01 thru 7-31-02

Under 14

8-1-99 thru 7-31-01

Under 16

8-1-97 thru 7-31-99

Under 19

8-1-94 thru 7-31-97

Can I Play Up Or Down A Division?

Players may play up one division only with the approval of the Regional Commissioner or Asst. Regional Commissioner.  You must write this request to play up at the top of the player form with the requested division and mail the form to: Palos Verdes AYSO, PO Box 2302, PVP, CA 90274.  If you do not write your request to play up on the player form and mail the player form to us, we will not know about it so you will not be able to play up a division.  No player may play down a division.

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