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Referee Training


Referee Training Courses

(See below for Intermediate and higher referee training courses)

All referees with a Regional Badge or Higher (for 9U and older), please review the 2020 Annual Update on the Referee Guidelines page.

2020-2021 Referee Training Courses in Palos Verdes 

The 2020 Fall and Winter training schedule will be posted once the season dates are determined. Stay tuned!


Please follow these instructions to use AYSOU to sign up for referee courses:

Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, and follow the steps to the letter!  If you have any questions signing up, please call the Help Desk numbers below.

To referee in 8U you must be at least 10 years old; to referee in 9U or older, you must be at 12 years old.  All referee training courses are free of charge, and we provide to Region 10 registered volunteers the uniform or t-shirt that you will wear on the field.

  1. All referees or assistant referees and all youth referees must follow steps 2 through 4 and then 5 or 6 depending on the age group in which you want to referee.

  2. Register as an AYSO Volunteer in Region 10 in Blue Sombrero, here:

    1. Note: If you are registering a Youth Referee (the referee is under age 18) and want him/her associated with a parent's Blue Sombrero account, then follow the steps here. Alternatively, Youth Referees can create their own Blue Sombrero account which is a shorter process. To do this, follow the remaining volunteer steps 2b through 2f.

    2. All adult volunteers (and youths registering themselves), continue here: In Blue Sombrero, click REGISTER NOW if you have not yet registered in Blue Sombrero, or if you have previously created a login name in Blue Sombrero, click LOGIN and enter your username and password.

    3. Click on the Volunteer Button on the left, then click on FIND VOLUNTEER ROLES

    4. Find the FALL or WINTER season and click on SELECT, then click VIEW AVAILABLE POSITIONS

    5. Page down and find the age and gender where you will do most reffing (you only need to pick one). Find the REFEREE line (if you are 18 or older) or YOUTH REFEREE (if you are under age 18) and click SIGN UP. Complete and e-Sign the form as instructed. AYSO will conduct a background check on all volunteers. If you are asked to pay a $25 fee for this background check, please pay the fee and send the payment confirmation to for reimbursement from the Region. Include your mailing address in the email.

    6. Note that it is an AYSO requirement to complete the volunteer form every year.

  3. Click on the HOME icon and find the AYSOU tab near the top to log in to the AYSOU Learning Management System where you will register and take several courses. NOTE: You must do this the first time to "activate" your AYSOU account from within Blue Sombrero. You cannot go directly to Within AYSOU you must use the same name and email address that you used in Blue Sombrero.

  4. All volunteers must take these 3 courses. If completed previously, you do not need to take them again. Click on ONLINE COURSES and take:

    1. AYSO’s Safe Haven. This will take about 40 minutes.

    2. CDC HEADS UP Concussion Training. This will take about 40 minutes.

    3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest online. This will take about 30 minutes.

    4. Note for referees in 9U who are short on time, do these 3 courses after you have completed step 6a. It is most important that you complete step 6a before coming to class. These three short courses can be completed afterwards.

  5. To referee in 8U or younger, you must register in AYSOU for one of the sessions, and then come to the classroom for a 3-hour class at Peninsula High School. There is no “online” course for 8U.

    1. In, click on the IN-PERSON COURSES tab.


    3. Find 8U Official (not 8U Coach), and click on the SESSIONS button

    4. Page down until you find the 8U Official 1/F/0010 – Palos Verdes Peninsula course on the desired date. Click the REGISTER button. This will say “Registered” if done correctly. We will see you in class, and thank you for volunteering!

  6. To referee in 9U or older, you must register and FULLY COMPLETE the 90-minute online course BEFORE COMING TO CLASS, and also register and come to the Companion Class at PV Peninsula High School.

    1. In, click on the ONLINE COURSES tab and open the Regional Referee Course.  Take all the modules in order, including the exam at the end. Note that the AYSO Summary of the Laws of the Game is a quick reference, but this does not replace taking the entire course. 

    2. Also, in, click on the IN-PERSON COURSES tab.


    4. Find Regional Referee Online Companion Course (not Regional Referee Course), and click on the SESSIONS button. 

    5. Page down until you find the Regional Referee Online Companion Course  1/F/0010 – Palos Verdes Peninsula on the desired date. Click the REGISTER button. This will say “Registered” if done correctly. We will see you in class, and thank you for volunteering! 

    6. Special note for Youth Referees coming to the Companion Class: All referees who are under age 18, are welcome to take the referee training classes to learn the Laws of the Game. Please understand that becoming a referee takes a significant commitment from the referee and his/her parent or guardian. We require all youth referees to bring to the Companion class a signed Youth Referee Commitment Form and a check in order to receive the referee uniform. Please see the Youth Referee Commitment Form for all details.

Common Problems:

If you cannot log in to AYSOU and view courses after registering in Blue Sombrero:

  • Check that you have electronically accepted and submitted your volunteer application in Blue Sombrero
  • Check that you have "activated" your AYSOU account by accessing AYSOU from within Blue Sombrero:
    • Log in to your Blue Sombrero account.
    • On the left hand side click on "Home"
    • This will take you back to Region 10's Blue Sombrero website.
    • Click on the AYSOU tab.
    • Click on "Login" to log in.

For any technical problems with logging into Blue Sombrero or AYSOU or signing up for courses, contact the AYSO Help Desk at (866) 588-2976 (Monday – Friday business hours) or by email:


For any questions on which course to take, please email the lead instructor:

For more information on the Laws of the Game and how they apply to AYSO, see the free download: AYSO’s Summary of the Laws of the Game on the ONLINE COURSES tab of and also the entire FIFA Laws including annual updates here:



Player Development Initiatives - Special Rules for 9U through 12U:

PDI Explanation  (NOTE: in our Section, heading is banned in 12U and below, even though there may be single-age divisions)
FAQ for Referees on the PDI


Short Video Explanation of the PDI


Other Referee Training


Want to get your name on the Referee Hall of Fame (bottom of the Referee page here). Then upgrade your referee badge this year to Intermediate, Advanced or National.  Ask any of the referee staff if you have questions.

What are the requirements to upgrade your badge? See this attachment: Ref Certification RequirementsContact Michael Wolff
 to let him know that you want to start the upgrade process.


Area 1F  will offer Intermediate Referee training in the Fall and in Q1.  See the schedules once posted on


Section 1 has Referee Training in Arcadia every January.  All classes from Regional through National, as well as Instructor and Assessor are offered and taught by very good instructors.  See for all details.


The Ken Aston Camps are a great opportunity to take these classes over a summer weekend in Orange County.  See Ken Aston Camps for more info.

Has your child moved up to an older age division?  Make sure you know the specifics for refereeing in that age division: read the Division Referee Guidelines.


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